Best Gaming Monitor Reviews

The main aim of Best Gaming Monitor website is to help for those people who overwhelmed and confused by the technical details and the shady marketing „benefits” of the monitor manufacturers.

We help you to understand the most important technical details when you consider to buy a new gaming monitor!

We are writing about the most important thing what is crucial for your gaming success: a really good gaming monitor!

A lot of people choose low end big screen monitors because of the price tag but gamers are not choose like this. This is a good tactic for the average users but not for the serious gamers!

As you know gaming is a visual experience primarily besides that the right display have a beautiful picture, it is also determine how quickly are you able to react something in the games.

Here you can find all of the necessary information what you have to consider before you buy the best gaming monitor fits to your personal needs:

+ Monitor Size and Resolution:

We think that you have a preferred size in your mind already but you should think about the resolution of the monitor too. This means how many pixels the monitor is able to display and how sharp the image is.

Maybe you want a big 27” monitor or a smaller 24” or even you would prefer two monitors.

We suggest if you choose a 23” or a 24” size monitor you should pick a monitor which is able to display at least 1920×1080 (1080p – Full HD).

If you are considering to buy a 27” or a 30” display the 1080p won’t be enough for the great image quality, you need to buy at least 1440p model (2560×1440).

It is also worth to considering your graphic card and your system capabilities when you choose the best resoulution for your new monitor. The 1440p is a good choice if you have the latest high-end graphic card, but not if you have an older high-end or a new middle range graphic card.

60hz Vs 120hz Monitor while Gaming

+ Response Time:

It is crucial to choose a monitor which has a good response time. A serious gamer need to choose under 8ms which refer that how many time a pixel need to change from white to black and again. It is also important the lag time need to be under 16ms.

+ Refresh rate:

Maximum refresh rate is also important factor when you choose a gaming monitor. Games are usually need a really rapid moving and the player need to change perspective.

Most of the monitors have just 60hz refresh rate (sixty refresh per second) but nowadays the manufacturers offer 120 hz or even 240hz!

Somehow in any case the hardware of your computer will be able to generate more than 60 frame per second but it can be a problem if your monitor is not able to provide more than 60 hz. You also have to pay attention for this when you are choosing a monitor!

The 120hz monitors reduce the input lag slightly and the frames are appear more quickly! It would be a better choice if your hardware is strong enough.

+ Panel Type and Viewing Angles

The two most common panel types are Twisted Nematic (TN) and the In-Plane Switching (IPS).

Nowadays the cheapest and most common type of LCD panels are the TN panels.

The benefits of the TN panels are the higher refresh rate and faster response times but their colors are least accurate.

And TN panels also get distorted at different viewing angles which is not observed with IPS panels. Anyway the TN panels are ideal for gamers. Serious gamers need to choose TN panel with higher refresh rate like 120Hz or 240Hz due to the speed of images.

However an IPS panel has much better color accuracy than TN panels. If you do not need more than 60 FPS it will be better choice. In-Plane Switching monitors are more expensive options than TN but the viewing angels are much better also. The only problem with IPS if you are a very serious gamer and you have to need more than 60 FPS or you want to game in 3D (because 3D requires 120Hz monitor). Because almost all of the IPS monitors do not able to display more than 60 FPS or Hz.

Plane-Line Switching (PLS) monitors are very similar to IPS and even better and also more expensive..

IPS Monitor Panel Vs. TN Monitor Panel

IPS Monitor Panel Vs. TN Monitor Panel


+ LED or LCD?

A lot of people write about which is better but simply the LED monitor provide more balance lighting and sharper picture than LCD. And LED is 40% more energy efficient!


If you want to know more about IPS panel visit this Wikipedia article!

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